Even seasoned travelers haven’t seen famous landmarks like this before.

By Andrea Romano
July 08, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Pietro Cataudella/@CityLiveSketch

Italian artist Pietro Cataudella is offering a new perspective of iconic historical landmarks with his series of half-sketch, half-photograph images, which he features on his Instagram account CityLiveSketch. (He's also on Facebook and has a blog.)

His technique seamlessly blends his sketch from a notebook into the landscape around him, creating a 3D-like image.

Credit: Courtesy of Pietro Cataudella/@CityLiveSketch

Cataudella started his project in Sicily, where he lives, in 2014. In order to create the images, he sketches the landmark he wants to recreate and then takes a photo.

“The project is a combination of my passions for drawing, photography and travel. The goal is to show beauty in a different way, using only my skills, creativity and imagination,” Cataudella told the Daily Mail. “I never studied illustration, architecture or other related disciplines, my works are the result of hard work, passion and desire to improve myself.”

He has sketched the Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, castles in Gaeta, and the Colosseum in Rome. But his artworks are not just confined to Italy, he has also drawn the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Tower Bridge in London.

He sometimes likes to put an original spin on landmarks, like turning the Leaning Tower of Pisa into a coffee pot.

In addition to his breathtaking landmark drawings, he also posts adorable sketches of everyday objects like muffins transforming into corgis and mushrooms morphing into animals like swans, flamingos and giraffes.