By Erika Owen
July 31, 2015
Credit: Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

If you find yoursef in Boston, you're not going to want to miss Janet Echelman's addition to the cityscape—just make sure to look up so you catch it. The artist teamed up with design firm Arup to create a hanging scuplture 365 feet above the city. The entire polyethylene structure—called "As If It Were Already Here"—is made up of half a million knots and weighs about a ton.

The project was inspired by the rope weaving techniques used by fishermen in India. By day, the weaving looks most like a giant net cast upon the intersection (a fishing net, if we may). At night, the sculpture lights up in a Northern Lights-esque move that's sure to fuel Instagram photos well through the end of its run. The entire spectacle is a welcomed blast of color among an industrial backdrop. Get there quick—the sculpture will only be on display until October. Check out what it took to put the installation together below:

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