By Jessica Plautz
February 16, 2017
LushSux ©

A giant mural of Beyoncé on the side of a building in Melbourne, Australia, is the pop culturally relevant work of street artist Lush Sux.

The painting, depicting one of the photographs Beyoncé posted to announce her prengancy—with twins—is on the car-park wall of a burger shop in Melbourne's inner suburbs. Artist Awol Erizku photographed the original image in a fabulous floral photo shoot.

Melbourne is home to fantastic street art, and visitors can take some of the highlights in on various walking tours.

LushSux ©

The mural was unfortunately vandalized, but the artist is selling a limited number of signed prints of the work for $80.

Lush Sux is known for his colorful pop culture graffiti. Other subjects have included U.S. President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, and Dave Chappelle.