Now even your naps can be Instagram-worthy.

By Andrea Romano
August 14, 2017
Courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel

Even Instagram stars can’t live that perfect, aesthetically-pleasing lifestyle all the time. Once in while, a person has to take a break. At The Beverly Hills Hotel, however, even your nap time is a perfect photo opportunity.

Courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel

Le Refuge, an artwork that was dubbed the most Instagrammed-piece at Milan Design Week, is now on display at the hotel until August 23 — perfectly complementing the building’s pale pink exterior and retro design. The piece was created by Parisian artist and designer Marc Ange.

The daybed, colored a just-right Millennial pink, sits under matching metal palm fronds. Visitors have been flocking to snap this gorgeous design piece, and maybe take a breather, too.

“It is the projection of a childhood memory. Its large leaves form a shelter under the sun, away from reality, just like those of the imaginary jungle that grows in the room of a child who seeks escape. With its iconic pink facade, legendary history and magical setting, The Beverly Hills Hotel provides the perfect environment to showcase Le Refuge,” Ange said in a statement.

The beautiful exhibit is located in The Beverly Hills Hotel’s citrus garden, which is close to the pool area. After its display at the so-called Pink Palace, La Refuge will go to the Leclaireur Gallery in Los Angeles.