See This Incredible Artwork Created on a Frozen Lake in Finland

Artist Pasi Widgren used only his footsteps and a shovel to create the 295-foot "drawing."

For the past few years, a Finnish artist has been walking on a frozen lake near his hometown to create beautiful ephemeral art that disappears as the weather changes.

In 2021, architect-designer Pasi Widgren was at it again and used nothing but his footsteps and a shovel to create an intricate 295-foot drawing of a fox on a frozen lake near his home.

The artist told The Associated Press that the idea for the artwork came "suddenly a couple of years ago when I realized I may have a special ability of coordination to do this kind of things myself."

So, Widgren ventured out to Finland's Lake Pitkajarvi and tested the thickness of the ice. It was at least four inches thick and safe for him to walk on — although he brought ice awls just in case he fell through and had to save himself.

He arrived at the lake with his drawing of the fox and "sketched the contours of the figure by walking and thinking" he told the AP. When the outline was done, he "drew" the rest of the image by using a snow shovel. It took about four hours to complete the ice drawing.

When it was all over, Widgren said he took a thermos of coffee to a nearby mountaintop to sit and look down on his creation. Just a few days later, the drawing became less visible as more snow fell in the region. But Widgren didn't mind.

"It's very important to me also that making this kind of art doesn't leave any (marks) to nature," he told the AP. He hopes that the artwork encourages people to "go out to hike in a beautiful nature."

Widgren has created his snow art every winter since 2016. In previous years, he has also created drawings of a bear and an owl on the snow-covered lake.

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