By Erika Owen
July 30, 2015
Credit: via YouTube

New York City-based photographer Walter Chang did what we all sometimes wish we could: He quit his job, packed up his life, cleared his savings, and took off on a trip around the world without a truly solid plan as to where he was heading. He expected to be gone for three months—three years later, he was still at it. In the end, Chang visited more than 60 countries around the world from Everest Base Camp to India's Varnasi.

The entire trip was a year in the making: "I saved up money by moving out of my apartment and sleeping at friends’ places," Chang says. "At one point, I even discreetly moved into the building where I was working at the time and slept there. I sold much of what I owned and took on additional hours at work. On Sept 13th 2011, I got on a plane." As you can imagine, he racked up quite a few photos along the way. Chang is currently working on a Kickstarter campaign to publish his best shots in hardcover book form (you can check out the project here).

Lucky for us, he also put together a video titled "We Call This Home" documenting his 3-year trip. (Side Note: There's an awesome map on his website highlighting the places he visited.) Check it out:

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