By Thessaly La Force
May 19, 2015
Credit: Vincent van Gogh/ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The best springtime cultural excursion in New York City may just be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where one can catch two pairs of Van Gogh paintings that have not been reunited since shortly after the painter’s death. They also happen to be the last paintings Van Gogh made in Provence.

They are lovely in their harmony; together, one can see how the artist composed the two vases of irises and two vases of roses to compliment one another, the drape of the flowers intended to offset the curve of the others. One of the paints Van Gogh used, a red, has unfortunately faded, turning the violet to blue and the pink to white. But the museum allows you to see what they looked like to the great Dutch artist with a video in the exhibition. The small show closes August 16.

Thessaly LaForce is a senior editor at Travel + Leisure.