Every Episode of Bob Ross’ ‘The Joy of Painting’ is Free to Stream Online

It's time to make a few happy clouds.

These are undoubtedly stressful times we’re living in; however, there is one way to find a little solace. And it all comes down to one happy tree here and a happy cloud there.

While museums, national parks, and cultural centers have taken to the web to share videos and virtual tours, YouTube has released every single painting lesson from legendary artist and TV host Bob Ross.

Art lovers and fans of the painter can stream every single episode of his famed show, "The Joy of Painting". Yes, the streaming includes all 31 epic seasons of the show, meaning you can watch Bob Ross for days, weeks, and even months on end.

For anyone wanting to take it to the next level, you could bust out an easel, canvas, paint, and brushes to paint alongside Ross as he shares his techniques in more than 400 episodes — and if you mess up that’s just fine because, "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

TV painting instructor/artist Bob Ross jubiantly holding up paint pallette & brushes as he stands in front of wall covered w. his landscape paintings in his studio.
Acey Harper/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images

If, however, you just want to listen along with his soothing voice, that’s okay, too. Ross has become the poster child for the internet trend known as “gentle whispering,” which apparently helps people find peace.

“There are many ASMR triggers present at his videos. His voice is deep, calm, and soft. And his presence commands an authority that makes you feel safe," the Discover ASMR website explains. "His way of being is so friendly and familiar that it almost feels like he’s standing in the room with you. This is called personal attention. In addition to it, there are brush and scraping sounds which are a huge ASMR trigger for many. And he is also incredibly focused on the painting, which is another common ASMR trigger.”

Want to see if his painting triggers a few brain tingles for you, too? Watch one of his videos below.

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