You Can Watch Movies in Bed at This Theater in Switzerland

The VIP screening room also includes unlimited snacks and soft drinks.

Pathé Spreitenbach
Photo: Courtesy of Pathé

A movie theater in Switzerland lets visitors relax on double beds instead of seats — and they assume that everybody is going to behave themselves.

Eleven freshly-made beds make up the “VIP Bed” cinema at the Cinema Pathé movie theater, which opened in Spreitenbach, Switzerland, in 2019.

Pathé Spreitenbach
Courtesy of Pathé

The beds come equipped with an electronically adjustable headrest and smartphone charger. Guests can store their belongings in a private locker, put on a pair of slippers and sip wine from the bedside table. Food options include popcorn, waffles, crepes, and hot dogs. It’s all the comfort of watching a movie at home in your bed — but with none of the shame that comes from staying inside and refusing to make contact with the outside world.

“The offer is unique in Switzerland,” Venanzio Di Bacco, CEO of Pathé Switzerland, told 20 Minuten. “But we tested the concept abroad and had no problems so far. "

Pathé Spreitenbach
Courtesy of Pathé

Despite movie theaters famously being an excellent location for making out, theater owners are not worried about what anyone will do in the double beds. Di Bacco said that the cinema would not become an “immoral” place.

But just in case you don’t trust other people (and why should you?), the theater says it changes the bedsheets between every screening. “The hygiene aspect is very important to us,” Di Bacco told 20 Minuten.

One ticket to a VIP Bed screening includes unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic drinks during the film.

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