This New Reality Show Wants to Send You to Space for 10 Days

Ever dreamed of visiting the International Space Station? This show might just be your golden ticket.

Are you the next breakout reality show star?

Don’t worry, you’re not selling $40 million dollar homes or marrying someone at first sight. This reality show is way more than that — in fact, you might say it’s out of this world.

According to Deadline, a production company is looking for a person to star in a reality show that will take place aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The show, entitled Space Hero, will follow its star on a 10-day trip in Earth’s low orbit.

The show itself will also include a competition to see who the lucky amateur astronaut will be. All contestants will have to go through “extensive training and face challenges testing their physical, mental and emotional strength, qualities that are essential for an astronaut in space,” reported Deadline. The competition may also involve the show’s viewers voting for their favorite contestant, who will then accompany astronauts aboard the SpaceX Dragon rocket for its planned mission in 2023.

And no, the contestants don’t have to be astronauts or engineers to be considered. Space Hero Inc. is only looking for average people who have a love of space exploration, according to Deadline.

Space Hero Inc. is headed up by Thomas Reemer, Deborah Sass, and former News Corp Europe chief Marty Pompadur and is working with Axiom Space for many aspects of this ambitious trip.

But the show isn’t just for entertainment value. According to SyFy Wire, the show may also highlight the many intricacies of the future of space tourism, as well as raise awareness for onboard STEM research.

“Space Hero is the new frontier for the entertainment sector, offering the first-ever truly off-planet experience. We aim to reinvent the reality TV category by creating a multi-channel experience that offers the biggest prize ever, to the biggest audience possible,” Pompadur said to Deadline. “Space Hero is about opening space up to everyone – not only to astronauts and billionaires.”

Since the show is still in its pre-production stages, it’s unclear when or how the search for contestants will happen, according to SyFy Wire. Much like other reality shows, it is likely there will be a worldwide audition and selection process in the near future.

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