"SNL" Spent 8 Minutes Mocking LaGuardia Airport in Hilarious Sketch

Don't. Eat. The. Sushi.

Saturday Night Live has a message for travelers everywhere: Never, ever, get the airport sushi.

On the show’s latest episode, cast members spent a full eight minutes poking fun at LaGuardia, one of the nation’s most derided airports, along with pointing out some universal truths about air travel in general.

The sketch kicked off with cast member Pete Davidson picking up pre-packaged sushi from a store inside the airport, noting he doesn’t mind that it has been sitting out all day. Moments later, a sushi chef, played by Cecily Strong, comes onstage to warn Davidson about actually consuming her work in song.

“The fish inside of it crawled out a hole,” Strong sings. “Yet you’re consuming it — this great mistake! You’d honestly be so much better off eating a Wuhan snake."

The star-studded sketch included a quick cameo by Jake Gyllenhaal playing the “guy who travels in pajamas.” His number includes singing about his actual love for TSA agents and his willingness to be randomly selected for an extra search. “I’ll stretch my legs real wide — I’ll even bend over for you, you can take a peek inside,” he sings.

And really, if you’ve ever flown through LaGuardia, you kind of can’t help but laugh and think to yourself, this is all a little bit true. Who do we have to blame for this slightly disastrous airport? According to Kate McKinnon, who came out dressed as Orphan Annie, it’s all Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fault.

“When anything’s bad — de Blasio! Throw your hands up and say, ‘de Blasio,'” McKinnon sings. “I know some of it was Mike Bloomberg, but it still feels like de Blasio is to blame.”

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at certain travel nightmares. And luckily, this sketch delivers plenty of that. Watch the full sketch above and see how many times you laugh and relate.

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