"Seinfeld: The Apartment" is hitting Los Angeles—just in time for Festivus.

By Melissa Locker
December 08, 2015
Seinfeld Festivus Apartment Los Angeles
Credit: Gino Mifsud/NBCU Photo Bank

After a popular run in New York back in June, Hulu is taking their show on the road and bringing "Seinfeld: The Apartment" to Los Angeles—just in time for Festivus. The apartment may not be real, but it will feature all the original parts of its New York predecessor, including a front door to burst through—Kramer style, of course—and a chance to pose for Festivus cards on a chaise longue, just like George Costanza.

There will be plenty of props from the show on-site: the gang’s favorite booth from Tom’s Diner, Puddy’s New Jersey Devils jersey, and a Superman figurine from Jerry's apartment. Be warned: If you’re looking for Seinfeld’s infamous Puffy Shirt is still, you’ll have to head to The Smithsonian. To keep things seasonal, the exhibit will feature a traditional Festivus pole—bring your own list of grievances.

In the spirit of the event, you may not want to bring a date to the apartment. In Seinfeld’s words: “People on dates shouldn’t even be allowed out in public.” The exhibit will be open to the public from December 16th-20th from 10am to 7pm at 8445 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.