By Erika Owen
January 14, 2017
Netflix Secret Codes
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

If you thought Netflix couldn't get any better, you're in for a surprise. There's an entire website dedicated to making your binge-watching sessions even better by providing secret codes for super-specific category searches.

The thousands of movies and TV shows on Netflix are categorized in a hundred different ways, from Goofy Dance Musicals to Coming-of-age Animal Tales. Some of these categories may only have one or two options, but you're pretty much bound to enjoy it if you're taking your category searching seriously.

Here's how it works: head to Netflix, bring up the search page, and grab the URL. Replace it with this URL: Swap out "INSERTNUMBER" for the corresponding number to the genre you wish to search. You can find an incredibly extensive list of category numbers on the What's On Netflix website.

There you have it—the next time you're looking for something that was seemingly made just for you, do a little bit of digging.