It's called “Destino.”

By Erika Owen
September 08, 2016

Savaldor Dalí and Walt Disney were more than friends—they also worked together, notably on this short film “Destino.”

Disney and Dalí began work on the film in 1945, but it wasn't completed and released by the Walt Disney Company until 2003.

Storyboarding for the film began back in 1945 and went on for eight months—until the Walt Disney Company hit a bout of World War II financial strife.

In 1999, Walt Disney's nephew Roy E. Disney discovered the unfinished work while creating the “Fantasia 2000.” It took 25 animators, with help from Dalí's wife, to translate the storyboards Dalí and Walt Disney animator John Hench originally put together.

The story follows the love story of Chronos—the personification of time—and a mortal woman. You'll find the 17 seconds of original footage around the 5:15 mark, where two faces atop tortoise shells glide into each other—a characteristically Dalí surrealist scene.

Check out the full short film above.

Erika Owen is the Senior Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.