It was seriously awkward.

On Tuesday, Ellen DeGeneres kindly invited both celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis and actress Nicole Kidman to take part in what would ultimately become the most awkward cooking segment in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” history.

Things started off innocently enough, with De Laurentiis explaining how to use leftover risotto to make risotto balls. However, it all goes downhill when out of nowhere, De Laurentiis throws some subtle shade at Kidman, asking the Oscar-winning actress: "Nicole, have you ever made meatballs or anything?"

Kidman goes on to make a perfectly symmetrical ball on her first attempt, to which De Laurentiis exclaims: “Ahh, the woman who can’t cook made the perfect ball.”

Kidman, finding the recipe wildly incomplete, replied: “How do you make [the risotto] in the first place, though?” Sadly for all of us watching and hoping to make the recipe, De Laurentiis never explained how to make risotto in the segment.

Next, the trio moved over to a new food station, where De Laurentiis explained they were making some sort of pizza with dough from her restaurant. After cutting up clementines and fennel to make focaccia bread (note: not a pizza as promised), DeGeneres bit into the finished product, only to make one of the most iconic “this is terrible” faces ever seen on T.V.

Kidman, seeing DeGeneres’ horrified reaction, attempted to take a bite as well, then looked directly at De Laurentiis and calmly said, “It’s a little tough,” before spitting out the piece of dough, unable to even chew and swallow it on national television.

Although De Laurentiis attempted to explain that the bread both women were eating was “sitting there for five hours,” the damage was already done. “I know you’re not meant to criticize,” Kidman continued. “But it’s a little tough.”


Giada de Laurentiis
Credit: Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival/Getty Images

After watching the trainwreck, Twitter users shared their delight at witnessing the “Big Little Lies” star take the Food Network chef down a peg.

The slightly tense encounter has racked up nearly 800,000 views on YouTube. Watch the entire six-minute video, above.