Colombia Naked and Afraid TV show Discovery Channel
Credit: Courtesy of Discovery Channel

This week on "Naked and Afraid XL," the survivalists faced the harsh rainforest of Ecuador for their fourth, fifth, and sixth nights of survival.

Divided into three camps, the group that started out as nine people faced this week’s challenges as seven, after a serious injury and unforgiving elements forced two people to tap out in week one. As tension builds and a storm sets in, the remaining survivalists find out just how brutal the rainforest of Ecuador can be.

Over at Rio Mortal, the all-female team — and only tribe left with three people — focused on two major points: reinforcing their shelter to combat water and cold, and finding a substantial food source. But Lacy, Amber, and Giovanna fail to see eye-to-eye on the amount of work they should put in each day.

Desperate for protein, Lacy, a gun shop owner, finds a large earthworm and brings it back to camp for the girls to cook up. However, they can’t stomach the taste enough to completely ingest it.

Braving the dark water of a nearby stream, the girls attempt to build a fish trap. They must be sure to look out for electric eels, snakes, and stingrays. Using palm fronds for bait, they create an M-shaped trap in hopes of catching a piranha for dinner.

On their first attempt they are unsuccessful, running out of materials near the stream. Lacy finds herself up against Amber and Giovanna when she wants to continue gathering sticks for the trap, as the others decide it would be best to conserve their energy.

After an unsuccessful attempt at the first trap, the women eventually come together and decide to go on a night hunt for fish. Armed with their spears, they avoid anacondas and other large snakes and come back with food.

At Punta Araña, the all-male camp, Russell and Matt find themselves struggling to sleep on night four, as a large animal circles their camp. The next day, the sleep-deprived men try their hand at hunting after hearing a heard of wild pigs roaming through the jungle near their camp.

Armed with a homemade bow and arrow, Matt follows the herd — a move that comes with as much danger as reward. In Ecuador, a heard of wild pigs can be made up of as many as 100 pigs — all of which could charge if they feel threatened.

On the first attempt, the men are able to track down a pig, narrowly missing it after Matt’s arrow gets thrown off course by tree branches in its path. They later set up another hunt to bring home the bacon and are finally successful.

At Laguna Negra, a freak injury and lack of food left Fernando and Shannon a tribe of two in week two. Fernando, a firefighter, and Shannon, a stone mason, struggle to stay warm on their first night without their third teammate. But the next day, Shannon combats the cold by weaving palm frond blankets to keep them warm.

After failing to find substantial food and suffering from a lack of sleep, Shannon has doubts about how long she can survive. But Fernando does everything he can to keep her spirits up: "I need her here, she’s a good person, a good worker. Life without Shannon would be extremely difficult out here in the Amazon," he says.

In the end, they come together to find grubs for food and survive another week, naked and afraid.