5 Airbnbs That Will Make You Feel Like You're Starring in This Summer's Hottest Movies and TV Shows

Airbnb in Nairobi
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With Memorial Day behind us, it's fair to say summer is (unofficially) here. And with the start of the season comes two things: vacation and blockbuster movies.

This year, Airbnb is on a mission to let guests explore the two best things about summer at the same time. It's shared a few listings that make for prime destinations for fans who want to celebrate their favorite movies and television shows of the season.

"Magical travel can be discovered anywhere, but there is something powerful about seeing a new destination through the lens of some of our favorite films and television shows," reps for the home sharing company said in a statement. "The magnetism of the screen and its captivating characters have the ability to inspire wanderlust in all of us."

Here are a few of the spots worth renting right now if you love everything from "The Lion King" to Big Little Lies.

"The Lion King": The River House, Nairobi, Kenya

Airbnb in Nairobi
Courtesy of Airbnb

The River House is an absolutely stunning four-bedroom, two-bathroom house overlooking a river in Kenya. The home is a Bohemian dream, crafted from all natural materials. According to its listing, animals frequent the area, making for an ideal African vacation. The home comes with breakfast included and add-ons like safari tours and yoga classes are available for an extra cost. (To book: airbnb.com, from $190/night)

Big Little Lies: Casa Majella, Pebble Beach, California

Airbnb in Pebble Beach, California
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The return of HBO's hit adaptation of the novel "Big Little Lies" is almost here, which means it's time to head to Northern California for a quick trip. And there's no more ideal spot than Pebble Beach. Located about an hour north of Big Sur, where the show takes place, sits Casa Majella, a beach home that is decadent enough for any of the show's characters. The two-bedroom, two-bath house sits on a half-acre of lush green landscape just mere feet from the ocean. (To book: airbnb.com, from $314/night)

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood": Chalet Sintra, Sintra, Portugal

Airbnb in Portugal
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Yes, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" focuses most of its time in Los Angeles, but the single scene in Sintra, Portugal will have you wanting to take a vacation there too. And if you do, you should probably stay at Chalet Sintra. The one-bedroom home is filled with old-Hollywood charm thanks to its Mid-century Modern decor. Its location is ideal, too, just 600 meters from the city center. (To book: airbnb.com, from $128/night)

"The Souvenir": Design House, London, England

Airbnb in London
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You may be less familiar with "The Souvenir," an independent film set in the 1980s that follows a shy film student finding her own voice and style, but with a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, it should be a movie you add to your watch list this season. And its filming location in London should be on your travel list this season, too. For this movie-themed journey book a stay at the Design House in London. The four-bedroom, three-bath house comes with charming British interior design. Its location just outside of London means you can relax in solitude but join the hustle and bustle of the city whenever you please. (To book: airbnb.com, from $505/night)

"The Farewell": Fashion Loft, Changchun, China

Airbnb in China
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This summer, actress and YouTube star Awkwafina is taking a more serious turn in the movie "The Farewell," which follows a Chinese family's emotional journey through the death of their beloved matriarch. The film's location in Changchun, China could make for an adventurous summer retreat, and you can book the Fashion Loft for a trendy stay. The home comes with floor-to-ceiling windows, modern decor, and a location that can't be beat. (To book: airbnb.com, from $34/night)

Want to see even more movie and television-ready Airbnbs? Check out more listings here.

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