There are few people in this world to whom everybody actually listens. After a disastrous financial year (due mostly to attacks and military coups in Istanbul), Turkish Airlines is hoping that people will listen to Morgan Freeman’s dulcet voice and book a flight.

During the Super Bowl, Turkish Airlines premiered a commercial in which Freeman sits in a first class cabin and talks about the joys of travel. As he is served a cup of tea, Freeman appeals to “those of us who go out there with a sense of wonder” and alludes to open-thinking travelers.

Other calm Morgan Freemans sit alongside, listening to music, reading, or just relishing the in-flight experience.

He talks about the type of person who enjoys “bridging worlds” and “finding delight in our differences.” It’s a welcome change from political rhetoric that thrives on building walls and painting entire countries with broad strokes.

But then the airplane cabin is magically transformed into a grassy peak, then a snowy and vertiginous mountain and one sole Morgan Freeman takes in the majestic landscape from his airplane seat. He then somehow ends up alone on a pristine, tropical beach. It could be because of a Turkish Airlines flight—or it could be because Morgan Freeman is magic.

Moral of the story: If an entire cabin full of Morgan Freemans tells you to book a flight, it’s going to be an adventure.