By Cailey Rizzo
January 06, 2017
David Bornfriend/Courtesy of A24

Nominated for six Golden Globes, including Best Drama, “Moonlight” tells the story of not only a person often neglected, but of a part of Miami that can sometimes be glossed over or ignored.

The movie follows a young boy, Chiron, as he grows up in one of Miami’s rough neighborhoods during the 1980s war on drugs.

The film is memorable for many reasons, but perhaps most so for its stunning visuals. Moonlight captures a Miami seldom seen by the average tourist. Whether it was a vividly-colored public housing complex or one of Miami’s sandy beaches, here are some of the most memorable spots where “Moonlight” was filmed.

Liberty Square

In order to do justice to the community in Liberty City, the film crew went directly there. The colorful buildings of the Pork ‘n’ Beans public housing complex in Liberty Square is one of the oldest public housing developments in the country.

Miami Beach

Pablo Pola Damonte/Getty Images

Of course, no film about Miami is complete without a trip to Miami Beach, specifically South Beach.

Virginia Key Beach

The historically black beach was where Chiron learned to swim early in the movie.

David Bornfriend/Courtesy of A24

It’s now a state park, with a trust dedicated to preserving natural wildlife and the beach’s endangered species.


Miami’s Metromover is a completely free public transport system that opened in 1986.

John Coletti/Getty Images

Today it services the Downtown Miami, Brickell, Park West and Omni neighborhoods

Jimmy’s Eastside Diner

This old school diner in Miami’s MiMo neighborhood was the location for the emotional reunion in the film's final chapter.

David Bornfriend/Courtesy of A24

The movie kept the entire set-up exactly the same, down to the red windowside booths.

Miramar High School

The high school Chiron attends—and the setting for that memorable classroom scene—is a real public high school with over 2,600 students. It’s just north of Miami proper, in Miramar, Florida.