Even the Host of Netflix's 'World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals' Learned a Lot About Traveling While Filming

"I really got out of my comfort travel zone. My mind is now more open," Megan Batoon told T+L.

Although the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel may be upon us when it comes to traveling, we could always use some wanderlust inspiration in the form of an adventurous TV show.

Cue Netflix's new series, "The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals" hosted by content creators Megan Batoon and Jo Franco and Bravo star Luis D. Ortiz. Through the eyes of the three hosts, viewers get to experience an array of amazing rental properties for every budget and every travel style.

In an interview with Travel + Leisure, YouTube star Batoon, explained how filming the show really opened her eyes to the unique options out there when it comes to accommodations — especially as someone who is used to traveling for work.

"I really got out of my comfort travel zone," she said. "My mind is now more open. You can find a property that feels across the country but is only two hours away from where you live! There are so many little gems lurking around the corner."

Netflix's "The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals"
Courtesy of Netflix

Filming began in crowded pre-pandemic Bali in January 2020 but then resumed again last summer. The series is currently available to stream.

From a treehouse in Atlanta on an alpaca farm to a cabin in Hawaii with a private waterfall to a snake-shaped apartment in Mexico City, the show helps the audience navigate their options and what they want to get out of their next trip — while swooning over some truly beautiful properties.

Plus, all of the rentals featured on the show are available!

As for her favorite properties, Batoon, who provided tips for those on a tighter budget on the show, did love one of the high-end properties on a private island in the Bahamas (but can you blame her?)

Waking up in the "bed of marshmallow pillows" in her secluded room ($15,000 per night) was one of the best things she ever felt, she recalled. However, she also immensely enjoyed sleeping in a little bamboo pod in Bali (only $24 per night) and meeting people from all over the world at communal dinners.

"All of the properties were unique in some way whether that be the location or the amenities or the experience," she told T+L.

The show also highlights the experiences in these destinations — whether it be activities, culture, or dining — a key point Batoon says to consider in the planning process.

"It comes down to intention when traveling," she explained. "Do I want a spa day or to feel like a kid again and be in a treehouse? Do you want to feel inspired and go to a bunch of museums or be somewhere with great nightlife or do you want to do absolutely nothing and just calm down? That is what travelers need to be asking themselves. This trip changed the definition of vacation for me."

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