All it takes is a text message.

Be An Extra in Love Actually 2
Credit: Moviestore collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Being in the same movie scene as Hugh Grant has never been easier. In fact, you just need to enter (and win) a contest to make your celebrity dreams come true. It gets better: that Hugh Grant movie is none other than the sequel to the cult classic "Love Actually."

The follow-up movie is actually a partnership with Red Nose Day—an organization that helps address child poverty around the world—to help raise money for the Comic Relief charity.

They've already filmed quite a few scenes, but there's a big one coming this Sunday featuring Hugh Grant himself. To get in on the action, you've got to enter a contest on the Red Nose Day website. Throwing your name in for consideration is literally as easy as texting the answer to a question. If you're chosen, you'll get to appear alongside Grant in a scene of the film.

The contest is open to all UK residents above the age of 18. By entering, you're donating a small sum (between £2.15 and £2.65, according to the Red Nose website). You've got until noon on Friday, March 3 to enter the contest. Act quick!