By Erika Owen
December 20, 2016
Photos 12/Alamy

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, you can put Turbo Man on your holiday list next year.

For those not versed in Arnold Swarzenegger holiday films, “Jingle All the Way” chronicles the plight of a parent on an impossible journey to buy the season's hottest toy and put it under the Christmas tree for his kid.

The creator behind the Kickstarter campaign, which has raised more than $15,000 so far, tracked down the original prop from the film's director Brian Levant. The plan is to create real-life Turbo Man action figures based on a 3D scan from the prop. To get the toy through the campaign, it'll cost you $130—much cheaper and much less of a hassle than what Swarzenegger went through.

The Kickstarter is taking backers for pre-orders until January 17, so there's still time to make next Christmas a very special one, indeed.