By Andrea Romano
November 26, 2018

Do you ever get excited when you see a movie and recognize the places they filmed?

Besides huge landmarks like the Empire State Building, you can see tons of lesser known locales all over the country that are immortalized on film. And one Instagram account, @hollywood_irl is one place on the internet where you can find a side-by-side comparison between the movie and it’s real location.

The account owner, Steve Peterson, wrote on Instagram, “Over the past few years I've visited many filming locations and collected a ton of pics. Figured I should probably put them all together in one place.”

Peterson has been taking photos since 2001, but took a real interest in film locations in 2014, when he took a trip to Hawaii for a "LOST" event. “I ended up having a lot of fun finding locations and seeing what they were like in real life and people seemed to really enjoy my photos,” he said.

Usually, Peterson meticulously plans out his travels in order to find locations, rarely resorting to tour buses since he found it easier to get better photos if he struck out on his own,

“I need to gather screencaps, map out routes, assemble spreadsheets, and check Google Street View to make sure the places still exist/look familiar. Very rarely do I ever just stumble upon a location while on vacation,” said Peterson.

While scrolling through the feed, you can see tons of different places from your favorite movies and TV shows — some very recognizable, and some a little more obscure.

Among the famous locations Peterson has captured includes The McCallister’s home from "Home Alone," which in real life has a little less Christmas sprit than you’d imagine. You can also see the spot where they filmed Tom Hanks sitting on the bench in "Forrest Gump." Sadly, the bench is no longer there.

He also captured some smaller locations from movies like "The Dark Knight," "Mulholland Drive" and "La La Land," as well as TV shows like "LOST," "Stranger Things" and "Hawaii Five-O."

For more Hollywood magic, film fans can follow the account on Instagram.