Julia Sugarbaker's house from 'Designing Women' is up for sale

Julia Sugarbaker's house is for sale
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Eighties ladies (and gents), your dream home is waiting for you.

The quintessential Southern home from “Designing Women,” owned by the illustrious Julia Sugarbaker in the show, is officially up for sale.

Unlike the show, the home is actually located in Little Rock, Arkansas, instead of Atlanta, Georgia. But with this much Southern charm, what difference does a few hundred miles make?

In this house, you’re a Sugarbaker woman, and no one will ever cross you again. Not even a little zip code change.

Julia Sugarbaker's house is for sale
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The house itself, which is located at the address 1321 Scott St., was built in 1880 and maintains its classic 19th century charm. According to the listing, the house has “huge over-sized rooms, two parlors, dining room, large vintage kitchen, sweeping staircase, 1.5 baths, 3 bedrooms.” Perfect for floating around in your stylish, shoulder-padded suits.

According to the listing, the house is a triplex, which is three separate apartments in one house. So, you and your best friends can have your own, real-life “Designing Women” reboot.

Interested parties can get in contact with the home’s realtor, Tony Curtis (not that Tony Curtis, of course). The house currently has a whopping price tag of $975,000.

But that’s a small price to pay for this much Southern style.

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