Learn to Make a Lei, Hula, and Fry Ahi Tuna With This Cultural Series From Hawaiian Airlines

You might not be able to go to Hawaii right now, but Hawaii can come to you.

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Now’s the best time to learn more about worldcultures, languages, and cuisines.

Since people are stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, it can seem almost impossible to imagine getting all the benefits of travel right at home. Discovering new sights, smells, and cultures seem like a faraway goal to many people out there.

However, Hawaiian Airlines is bringing the rich culture and cuisine of Hawaii to your own living room with a new series called "Sharing Aloha." The series is comprised of videos that teach people about the food, music, culture, and history of Hawaii — and it sounds like the perfect way to experience an island getaway from your armchair.

The series, which kicked off with its first video on April 17, will explore many aspects of Hawaiian life. Their first two videos are already live and will show you some unique and flavorful dishes from the state’s top chefs. The first video is taught by Koko Head Cafe chef Lee Ann Wong (also Hawaiian Airlines’ executive chef) and shows you how to make banana cereal pancakes, which sound absolutely perfect for kids as well as adults. Their second video is taught by Chef Wade Ueoka, in which he guides you on how to make the best shoyu chicken, a popular Hawaiian dish.

Upcoming videos include more Hawaiian-style recipes like butter mochi, fried ahi tuna, and Chef Trevor Luke’s chili recipe from Zippy’s. If you’re looking for even more cultural activities, upcoming videos include how to make a lei, a kid-friendly Hawaii-inspired arts and crafts session, instruction on Olelo (Hawaiian language), and even hula classes and concerts.

A full schedule is below:

4/17: Chef Lee Ann Wong - Banana Cereal Pancakes

4/22: Chef Wade Ueoka - Shoyu Chicken

4/25: Chef Mark Noguchi - Butter Mochi

4/28: Chef Keoni Chang (Foodland) - Fried Ahi

4/30: Chef Trevor Luke (Zippy’s) – Chili

5/1 (May Day): How to Make a Lei

5/8: Olelo Hawaii​ (Hawaiian language)

5/15: Arts and Crafts ​

5/22: Hula Class ​

5/29: Concert

Hawaiian Airlines will be sharing these on Facebook, Instagram, and the Sharing Aloha series page on the Hawaiian Airlines website in the coming weeks. Check out the first two videos on Facebook and on the Hawaiian Airlines website now.

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