The price tags on your favorite characters’ homes.

By Real SimpleSarah Yang and Sarah Yang / Real Simple
November 15, 2016
Here’s How Much It Would Cost to Live in Stars Hollow
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Ever watched Gilmore Girls and wished you lived in Stars Hollow? Well, now we can tell you exactly how much it would set you back to move into the idyllic town with a community of eccentric and lovable townies. To celebrate the return of Gilmore Girls to Netflix on November 25th, Trulia looked at the estimated value for the homes of Lorelai and Rory, Luke, Lane, and Sookie. Take a look at the estimations below:

Lorelai and Rory’s House: $445,000

Lorelai’s house wasn’t without its problems—she had to reluctantly borrow money from her mother when the home was infested with termites. But we’re sure the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house went up in value after it was remodeled in season six.

Luke’s Apartment: $171,000

Since Luke and Lorelai are still together, we’ll assume that the apartment above his diner, which was remodeled to create more space after Jess came to live with him, is empty since he’s living at Lorelai’s house.

Lane’s Apartment: $165,000

Lane and her band-mates, Zack and Brian, lived in their one-bedroom rental for a couple of seasons, with Lane taking the bedroom and the guys sleeping in a bunk bed in the living room. It’s unclear if Lane and Zack are still living in the apartment with their twin sons, Steve and Kwan, in the new series.

Sookie’s House: $685,000

Rookie’s three-bedroom house is significantly more expensive than Lorelai’s, but she needs more bedrooms to accommodate her husband Jackson and children, Davey and Martha.