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Game of Thrones film still of King's Landing
Credit: Courtesy of HBO

Between the gory battle scenes and nail-biting intrigue of HBOs hit show, Game of Thrones, you might have notices all the stunning landscapes and wondering, “How do I go to that place on my next trip?”

Turns out, it’s possible.

Travelers can book tours all around the world that can feed into their Game of Thrones fandom. Two tours on Zicasso are specifically designed for Westeros-obsessed.

One tour in Spain will take you in the “footsteps of Daenerys Targaryen when walking on the sands of Itzurun Beach, as she retakes her first steps into the Seven Kingdoms.” You might not see any dragons along the way, but that probably won’t stop you from feeling like a Khaleesi.

The tour also covers Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, which is used as the location for House Tyrell’s home of Highgarden, and Alcázar of Seville, which is used as the Water Gardens of the Palace of Dorne.

Another tour takes you to the frozen north of Iceland, where you can literally feel like you’ve ventured north of the Wall. Of course, you probably won’t run into the Knight King or White Walkers, but you will see Northern Lights, basalt pillars and living geysers.

But, if you’re really determined to see the whole of Westeros, you can also tour the entire globe by being your own tour guide. mapped out an entire round-the-world itinerary to all of the “Game of Thrones” filming locations, for a total cost of $2,465 (for flights) for a month-long trip, according to their estimates.

The itinerary includes locations across the nine countries where “Game of Thrones” has filmed, starting from New York City. From there, it's on to Iceland, where Jon Snow and the Knight's Watch had scenes; Northern Ireland, which has a ton of destinations from the series; Scotland, where fans should head to Doune Castle; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Seville, Spain; Morocco's UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ait Ben Haddou; Malta, where the scenes for the Free City of Pentos in season one were filmed; then on to Los Angeles, where they filmed the bear attacking Brieene; and finally Calgary, Canada, where parts of season five were filmed.

A month-long trip around the world doesn’t sound half bad.