By Jessica Plautz
September 06, 2016
Game of Thrones is filming on a Spanish beach.
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“Game of Thrones” is filming on a beach in Spain's Basque Country in October, and the anticipation is already building.

“Everything is surrounded by a lot of mystery,” the local mayor, Roberto Muñoz, told Spanish outlet El Correo. “We don't know exact dates or who will come, nor if new extras will be needed.”

Muriola Beach is a nude beach about 10 minutes from Barrika, according to the local tourism board.

This other-worldly beach is perfect for Game of Thrones.
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Located “in a small cove facing east and protected by cliffs of great beauty,” the tourism board describes Muriola as “a wild sandy area” that is “the ideal place to those who seek a quiet atmosphere.”

Previous filming locations for the series have enjoyed tourist booms: Northern Ireland, where much of “Game of Thrones” is filmed, gets thousands of visitors looking to experience the real-life places where the fictional action happens.

Game of Thrones is filming in Spain's Basque country.
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The rock formations and landscapes on this northern Spanish coast are gorgeous—it's no wonder the show's location scouts thought it would make for a great background to season seven.

This beach in Spain's Basque country will host Game of Thrones.
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While no official information is available, fans have speculated online that the beach could be where Daenerys lands her huge fleet, according to

Game of Thrones will film on this beach.
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