This Map Shows Every Country’s Favorite Disney Movie

Anna and Elsa are loved around the world.

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Disney+ is our new streaming addiction.

In November, the Mouse House launched the streaming platform, which features everyone’s favorite Disney content, including movies, throwback television classics, and even a few new originals. But, according to a new analysis by Parkdean Resorts, there is one Disney film that reigns supreme when it comes to streaming numbers.

“With the world staying indoors, people are amping up their streaming by turning to content like Netflix and Disney+ as a welcome distraction from lockdown,” Parkdean Resorts explained in a blog post. It noted, Disney+ launched “at the perfect time, capturing the attention of many families who were stuck at home and looking for ways to entertain their kids.” It added, by March of 2020, Disney+ hit a whopping 50 million monthly subscribers.

But, what exactly are people watching with all those downloads? Parkdean Resorts wanted to know, so it gathered data from Google and mapped out the most-streamed filmed by country to find out. And it turns out, everyone is obsessed with "Frozen."

Map of the world with each country's favorite Disney movie
Parkdean Resorts

“With nearly 2 million annual searches, "Frozen" is officially named the world’s favorite Disney film,” the website explained. "Frozen" was the most-watched film in the U.S., with 1.3 million searches, as well as the most-watched film in Russia, Australia, Argentina, Chile, and many more. Unsurprisingly, "Frozen" is the favored film in both Finland and Norway, however, Sweden goes against the Scandinavian grain, and apparently searches and prefers to stream "High School Musical" instead.

Following Frozen is the sci-fi flick "Avatar," which came in with 1.8 million searches worldwide. Other fan favorites include "Cars" with 589,000 searches, "Aladdin" with 528,000, "A Bug’s Life" with 469,00, "Cinderella" with 240,000, "Mulan" with 188,000, "Lion King" with 180,000, "High School Musical" with 168,000, and "Ratatouille" with 123,000 searches.

Want to stream something a little more relaxing? Try the platform’s latest venture, Zenimation, which pairs classic animations with soothing sounds to help you, or your kids, relax throughout the day. Then, fine, binge-watch "Frozen" over and over again because that’s what your kid wants to do anyway.

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