The destination at the top of his bucket list is likely on yours, too!

Paul Mungeam “Mungo” is no stranger to travel.

As a TV cameraman, he’s made a career of capturing the beautiful — and sometimes treacherous — landscapes of the most remote environments in the world. In total, he has visited more than 90 countries, but there’s still a destination at the top of his bucket list he’s yet to check off.

“I must be close to half the countries, but there are so many more to discover,” said Mungo. “I would love to personally go to Greenland, that’s probably on my number one list. The reason being is, I don’t know a lot about it. In fact, I don’t think a lot of people know about it. It’s quite a big country. It’s meant to be quite a hostile environment, I don’t think there are many roads, and I’m just interested to see: Is everything really green?”

During his adventures, he’s not only seen more than most see in a lifetime, but he’s been privy to local stories and myths that would give anyone the shivers. Lucky for us he’s bringing viewers along for the ride as he delves into the truths behind these indigenous tales in his new show: Expedition Mungo.

In its first season on Animal Planet, Expedition Mungo has thus far searched for a massive crocodile-like creature in Liberia, a half-human, half-monkey monster in India and dog-headed pig monster in Namibia. But not to worry if you missed the first few episodes, this week’s voyage takes Mungo to foothills of the Andes in Argentina in search of the illusive Ucumar.

In hopes of gathering details about the behavior and appearance of the Ucumar — an animal-like monster — Mungo visits a ranch just outside Rosario de la Frontera. There, he meets Rogelio Martinez, a farmer who claims to have encountered the Ucumar three times in 2003, when it attacked the livestock at his ranch.

“It came out one night so I grabbed my gun and I went out. I fired a few shots but it didn’t work. The animal came to me so I went inside the house. I was so scared at that moment,” Martinez says as he tells his story. “I had never felt afraid before, but I felt it then because I realized I could not kill the animal.”

This experience was enough to make Martinez give up his ranch, but was it the Ucumar that stole his livelihood, or something else entirely? Tune in to Animal Planet on Sunday as Mungo investigates.