By Erika Owen
August 06, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

August 6 marks the end of an era. Today Comedy Central will air the final installment Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, which Stewart has hosted these last 16 years. He has publicly admitted his growing restlessness, and the tedium of the show's requirements—he has openly shared that interviewing celebrities is far from his favorite thing to do. Though he has no concrete plans about the future, according to a write-up on USA Today, he's looking forward to spending time with his family at their recently acquired New Jersey farm (a space that will also serve as a retreat for abused animals run by Stewart's wife, Tracey—cue collective "aww").

There are hundreds of on-air moments to commemorate the event, but we've found a few that are particularly intriguing—if only for their ability to turn travel news into something that can be watched again and again.

Jon Stewart Gives New Meaning to United Airlines' Soda Can Situation

When a Muslim woman was prohibited from bringing an unopened soda can on a United Airlines flight because of its potential use as a weapon, the world responded. Jon Stewart took a moment to explain how it could have been dangerous, but not how you'd expect. Start watching around 1:55 for the story.

Even Jon Stewart Has to Deal With Airport Security

Stewart hosted the 2002 Grammy Awards and made quite the entrance. This is one we can all relate to.

Jon Stewart Weighs In On the 'Tallest Tower' (And Pizza) Competition Between NYC and Chicago

When the World Trade Center was announced as the world's tallest building, Chicago pushed back stating the tower's spire didn't count toward its overall height. As you can imagine, Stewart had words for that—as well as on the state of the region's pizza.

Jon Stewart Proves That Sometimes Airports Are Just Part of a Bigger Picture

There may not be any real news with this one, but New York's Kennedy Airport gets to play the subject in this blast to media coverage.

Jon Stewart Explains Greece's 2011 Financial Crisis

He says it best (even if it's not the most politically correct of statements): "Have you ever been just fed up, and you think, 'You know what? Enough with the rat race and chasing some materialistic dream. I'm just going to chuck it all and move to some fishing village. Drink ouzo and eat grilled lamb all day. Charm tourists with my lusty, full-of-life attitude while subsisting on a pensioner's stipend? Sounds nice, and it is. Now what would happen if an entire country had that idea... at the same time."

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.