stranger things netflix tv show season two couple contract
Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have truly been an entertainment game changer.

No longer are we chained to our couches to watch shows solely on the TV, no longer do we have to sit around for our favorite shows to start, and no longer do we have to wait for a re-run to catch up on an episode.

Sure, all this stuff is great, but there are downsides too, including when your partner decides to be a total jerk and binge-watch your favorite show without you. Luckily for all of us, one couple has come up with a great solution: an iron-clad “no binge alone” contract.

“I decided to make the contract because there are very few things more important than Stranger Things and if you have to sign contracts to get married and stuff you should have to sign contracts for things of equal importance to marriage,” Harry Moore, the man behind the contract, told Mashable.

As the contract states, “no episode of ‘Stranger Things Series Two’ to be consumed in the absence of your partner, all spoilers to be avoided, in the event of a spoiler being discovered it must not be shared with your partner, neither partner may be in the same room as ‘Stranger Things Series Two’ episode unless with your partner, series one episodes are excluded from this contract.”

stranger things netflix tv show season two couple contract
Credit: Jackson Davis/Netflix

Honestly, this may be the most sound contract ever written.

“My girlfriend's reaction was and I quote, ‘I was going to tweet about it but didn't want people thinking my boyfriend is a psycho,’” Moore added. “The joke's on her now because I tweeted about it myself and people already think I'm a psycho.”

However, Moore revealed that the couple has actually yet to sign the contract as they are in “deep negotiations.” Meanwhile, “Stranger Things” has already started streaming on Netflix, so he, and others wanting the same agreement, better hurry up.