No, this is not a magic trick.

The place where several iconic Hogwarts scenes were filmed — the Royal Connaught Park in Bushey, England — has apartments and houses available for purchase.

Walking around the 100 acres of the Victorian Gothic complex will certainly conjure images of the magical castle. The dining hall at Royal Connaught Park is the same one that was used to film the Great Hall scenes in the first three Harry Potter films. (Anybody who lives at the property is free to book the hall at their leisure.)

And the complex’s behemoth tower was used to film scenes in Dumbledore’s office.

Some adjustments, however, have been made to the complex’s 100 acres since filming. All of the 380 accommodations have been renovated and more closely resemble a chic downtown loft than the Gryffindor dorms. There’s also an underground pool for swimming laps and a fitness room for working out (or training for Quidditch tournaments).

Before its illustrious starring role as part of Hogwarts, the complex at Royal Connaught Park was The Royal Masonic School for Boys from 1903 until 1977. It then became a university (the United States International University — Europe) through 2007.

Although Hogwarts may seem like a world away, it’s only a 14-minute train ride away from Central London — excluding any delays at Platform 9¾.

But life at Hogwarts won’t come cheap. All of the properties at Royal Connaught Park are renovated for luxury — and priced from about $860,000 to $3.7 million.

Those who can’t afford the luxury price tag can make ends meet by working on the set of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in England.