You won't want to miss it.

Anthony Bourdain returns on Parts Unknown on Sunday, April 30.
Credit: CNN

On Sunday night’s season premiere of “Parts Unknown,” Anthony Bourdain will venture to Los Angeles.

It’s a place that many people may think they know, but in this episode, Bourdain focuses on the Mexicans, Chicanos and Latinos who make it vibrant.

There are, of course, glamorous shots of Bourdain driving down the freeway at night. But this side of Los Angeles was not nearly as important as showing the less photographed and often neglected communities in one of the most filmed metropolises on the planet.

Los Angeles is home to more than one million undocumented immigrants. Bourdain made a point throughout the episode to make it clear that the city’s entire food service industry relies entirely on these workers — from street carts to high-end restaurants.

Of course Bourdain’s L.A. visit was packed with plenty of Mexican flavors. Bourdain went to the newly-opened Trejo’s Cantina, owned by actor Danny Trejo. The spot features health-conscious options like light and flavorful tacos and burritos.

Bourdain also made a stop at Broken Spanish, one of the city’s most famous high-end Mexican restaurants, run by chef Ray Garcia. Although there are tortillas and tamales on this menu, guests can also choose chochoyotes, rabbit or chicharron.

Those looking to emulate Bourdain with a Latino-inspired L.A. itinerary should make a point to stop at as many street taco spots as possible. Guerilla Tacos, manned by chef Wes Avila, roams around the city, serving up a menu that changes week-to-week based on what’s in season.

Anybody looking for an authentic mole north of the border should head to Guelaguetza, one of the first Oaxacan restaurants that opened in Los Angeles. Since 1994, the restaurant (ironically in Koreatown) has served straight-from-Mexico mole, mezcal and micheladas to Angelenos.

Grand Central Market features stalls from El Salvador and Mexico while bars like La Descarga bring some Havana spice into the nightlife scene.

Tune into “Parts Unknown” on CNN Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. to see the rest of Bourdain’s trip through L.A.