By Erika Owen
February 03, 2017
Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix binges are both incredibly satisfying and disappointing.

Making your way through a series is the most productive non-productive activity, but once the show ends—or you have to wait for a new season to drop—the disappointment sets in. If you're in need of a new show now that your last binge has ended, you're in luck: Insider has put together a ranking of the top Netflix Original dramas and comedies, with help from review website Metacritic.

Here's how they pulled their top picks (which explains why Stranger Things doesn't make an appearance): Insider pulled all of the top originals under the drama and comedy genres and filtered it down to titles that had previously been reviewed by a handful of the site's top critics. In the end, they whittled it down to 23 shows.

If you're looking for your next Netflix obsession, start here:

  1. Master of None
    • Average critic score: 91/100
    • Audience score: 7.7/10
  2. Lady Dynamite
    • Average critic score: 85/100
    • Audience score: 6.9/10
  3. Orange Is the New Black
    • Average critic score: 84/100
    • Audience score: 8.1/10
  4. Jessica Jones
    • Average critic score: 81/100
    • Audience score: 8.1/10
  5. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    • Average critic score: 80/100
    • Audience score: 7.85/10
  6. Narcos
    • Average critic score: 77/100
    • Audience score: 9.1/10
  7. House of Cards
    • Average critic score: 77/100
    • Audience score: 8.43/10
  8. W/Bob and David
    • Average critic score: 76/100
    • Audience score: 7.8/10
  9. F is for Family
    • Average critic score: 75/100
    • Audience score: 7.5/10
  10. Bojack Horseman
    • Average critic score: 74.5/100
    • Audience score: 8.65/10

There's more where that came from. If you're looking for more suggestions, head on over to the Insider website for their full list of the 23 rankings.