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One part science-fiction comedy, one part coming of age story, and 1.21 gigawats of classic '80s movie magic, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since Back To The Future first made its debut on the big screen.

Arguably the best travel series of all time, fan’s of BTTF ​know that this year not only marked the anniversary of the timeless trilogy, but also the exact date, October 21, 2015 and time (4:29 p.m. to be exact) when Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, and Doc. Emmett Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, traveled 30 years into the future.

Unfortunately, compared to the 2015 portrayed in BTTF II, we still need roads and the ability to tie our shoelaces. One thing’s for sure, though. Whether you’ve seen it one time or a hundred, BTTF is a pop-culture phenomenon that won’t be going away anytime soon. So grab a Pepsi Perfect and gear up those flux capacitors as we join millions of BTTF fans around the world in celebration of all things October 21, 2015, universally known as Back To The Future Day.

Credit: © Moviestore collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

We’re Going Back in Los Angeles

BTTF super-fan Ken Kapalowski and his time-traveling cohort, Joe Walser, are the masterminds behind We're Going Back –a five-day celebration and mac-daddy of all things BTTF. The event, which kicks off on Wednesday, is loaded with everything a Back To The Future fanatic could ever dream of, including a tour the Universal Studios back-lot where filming took place, hoverboard demonstrations (yes, really), movie screenings and, of course, an Enchantment Under the Sea dance. The event will also host the world premiere of Back in Time, a Back to the Future documentary that features exclusive interviews with Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, and Christopher Lloyd.

Grab a Free Lyft in New York City

There’s nothing like a free ride in NYC, especially when it’s in a DeLorean DMC-12. Lyft is partnering with Universal and Verizon to offer free DeLorean rides between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on October 21. Lyft riders will be able to access a DeLorean Lyft via a "McFly Mode" option on the Lyft app. Zip over to The Ainsworth Midtown, which is paying an edible homage to all three BTTF films on Wednesday as part of their “Burgers Through Time Menu.” Four special burgers, each inspired by a different time period reflected in the trilogy, will be available including the 1895: Louis’ Lunch Burger, and the 1985: Burger Time Burger. Meanwhile, the bar is mixing up a "flux capacitor" rye cocktail to ring in the occasion.

Hear the Back To The Future Concert in Indianapolis

Audiences will never be able to watch a movie the same way again after seeing BTTF Live In Concert. Currently making its way around the US, the film is screened in sync with a live symphony orchestra. Approximately twenty minutes of brand new music, scored by award winning composer Alan Silvestri, have been added to the film’s score especially for these unique, live orchestra presentations. The concert will be in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 21.

Drink Pepsi Perfect

Available in limited edition on, Pepsi Perfect, the drink of choice for Marty McFly in BTTF Part II, will officially be made available on October 21, 2015 in the same retro bottle seen in the movie. The soda inside the bottle will just be regular Pepsi made with real sugar, but only 6,500 bottles are being produced at the going rate of $20.15 a pop!

Catch a Back To The Future Special Screening

Be sure to check you local listings on Wednesday, as theatres worldwide will be featuring special screenings of Back To The Future. Select theaters will be playing the trilogy in its entirety, including Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Sydney, Australia, London's Prince Charles Cinema, and the Grand Rex in Paris.

Wear the Bobby Hundreds ‘Back To the Hundreds’ Collection

On Wednesday, BTTF Fans, fashionistas, and '80s enthusiasts will unite with the launch of designer Bobby Hundreds ‘Back to the Hundreds’ collection. The line tastefully combines “California culture, adolescence, '80s [and] '90s nostalgia, skateboarding, sneakers, and rock and roll.” The lookbook was shot on location at the Universal Studios backlot, the Twin Pines mall, and Marty McFly’s Hill Valley home.

Visit Hill Valley, Virginia

In honor of both the Washington West Film Festival’s fifth birthday, as well as the 30th anniversary of BTTF, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution over the summer to temporarily change Reston, Virginia’s name to Hill Valley for five days while the film festival runs. Hill Valley—the fictitious name of the town in California where the McFly family lived in the BTTF films—will host the festival and its two Back to the Future events at Bow Tie Reston theaters. The highlight is a trilogy marathon on October 21, followed by a red carpet screening of Back to the Future Part 1 on Sunday, in which Christopher Lloyd (Doc) and trilogy co-writer and producer Bob Gale will be present.

Back To The Future Museum in Turin, Italy

Running now through November 15, 2015, The Ecomuseo del Freidano museum in Turin, Italy is featuring a collection of original props and costumes used during the production of all three BTTF movies. Among the items on view are Doc Brown's toy car from his "not to scale" demonstration, Marty McFly's radiation suit, and his special effects jacket. A mockup of the famous DeLorean Time Machine is perfect for your futuristic photo-op.

Mid-City Lanes Rock N’ Bowl in New Orleans

On October 21, Mid City Lanes Rock N’ Bowl in New Orleans will be celebrating Back to the Future Day with an Enchantment Under The Sea Dance and a live performance by America's only Huey Lewis and The News national touring tribute band.

Royal Caribbean's "Back to the Future" Cruise

From November 7—14, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas will sail from Fort Lauderdale, Florida through Caribbean for The Back To The Future Cruise. With stopovers in Labadee Island, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel, passengers will be transported into the film's universe and will relive BTTF movie magic with an Enchantment Under The Sea Dance, a behind-the-scenes Q&A, screenings with live commentary by cast and crew. Cabins are still available, and a percentage of the proceeds goes to Parkinsons research.