The Office star’s newest show, Deliciousness, is the dose of humor we all need right now.

Angela Kinsey in pink plaid shirt
Credit: Adam Hendershott

Actress Angela Kinsey knows that now, more than ever, people need humor. “We just wanna laugh and escape the 2020 of it all,” she told Travel + Leisure during a recent phone call. And Kinsey, who rose to fame playing Angela Martin, the nose-up, no-nonsense accountant in The Office, has the perfect way to keep the laughter flowing — food.

Starting Monday, Dec. 13, Kinsey will join Kel Mitchell and Tim Chantarangsu on the couch of MTV’s new show Deliciousness, hosted by Tiffani Thiessen. The show, a spinoff of Ridiculousness, highlights the funniest food fail videos found online, from overindulging to freak fires to seriously, seriously bad attempts at creating picture-perfect recipes. And with people getting creative in the kitchen at home due to lockdown, the show’s holiday-themed kickoff week couldn’t come at a better time. 

“I feel like I really relate to the people in the videos because I feel like I'm that person,” Kinsey said, noting that she landed a spot on the couch thanks to a longtime friendship with show creator, Shane Nickerson. It also didn’t hurt that Kinsey and her husband, Joshua Snyder, have their own online baking website, Baking With Josh & Ange.

“My husband is great in the kitchen and I'm a hot mess,” Kinsey said, adding that just last week she had her own near-disaster involving a gingerbread camper kit she bought. The people on the show “make something and then they're so proud of it and they're kind of dancing around the kitchen and then it slides off the tray — I did that,” she said with laughter. “I caught it right as it starts to slide off the tray. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I'm going to be in Deliciousness.’”  

According to Kinsey, one thing that’s special about the show is that the clips are from all over the world. ”It's just this common thread,” Kinsey said. “There are certain meals that are touched on that make us think of family, are a memory of a favorite trip or someone dear to us, you know?  Everyone knows that one recipe their grandmother made — and it just feels good, you know?”

Kinsey — who currently co-hosts the Office Ladies podcast with real-life BFF Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office) — is no stranger to worldly foods and international travel. The actress, who has roots in Louisiana and Texas, spent her childhood living abroad with her family in Indonesia. “We moved to Jakarta when I was two and we lived there until I was 14,” she said. “Pretty much the formative years of my life, I grew up overseas and I really feel like travel is the best education.”

And that education, according to Kinsey, is an important one. “The one thing that you see when you travel [is] how much more we’re alike than different. Our differences are just so small in comparison to what we have in common.”

The actress also knows that travel is a luxury, but one that can be as simple as exploring your own neighborhood with a fresh set of eyes. “It's so important to go beyond your little nook. Whether that's a road trip to the next state or whether that's on a plane to another country, it's just such an important education,” she said. “I think we put monetary value on these material things, but I actually encourage people to put it on adventure, you know? That equally feeds your soul.” 

Tanner Saunders is the Associate Digital Editor of Travel + Leisure. His favorite character on The Office is Angela. Follow him on Instagram @Tizanner