An expert "alien hunter" says these three places prove aliens have visited Earth.
"The Valley Of The Moon" - an amazing landscape on the Italian island of Sardinia
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NASA may be busy exploring the far-reaches of our universe in search of alien life, but, according to Giorgio Tsoukalos, those aliens are likely trying to contact us, too.

“I really do think that we will make official contact within the next 50 years,” Tsoukalos, the leading "alien expert" on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, told Travel + Leisure. “I think it will happen within this or with within the next two generations. I am convinced of that.”

And if anyone has a right to make that assumption it’s Tsoukalos, because he’s not only an analyst on the show, but he also traverses the globe in search of concrete evidence that aliens have not only visited Earth, but have also played a pivotal role in our history.

“The new season will be really cool because this time we've actually had the opportunity to travel worldwide to places that we never covered on the show,” he said, noting that this time they were also able to gain “unprecedented access to some really epic locations.”

Those places, he said, included Egypt, where he and his team explored Saqqara, a vast and ancient burial ground home to the subterranean facility called the Serapeum.

“There are these gigantic underground facilities that hold these big sarcophagi made of alabaster and bath salt stone,” he explained. “The boxes themselves, the bottoms, are estimated to be between 70 and 75 tons. And the lids on top of those boxes are estimated to be 20 to 25 tons. Now, you have to wonder how this was done.”

Tsoukalos noted he’s not suggesting that aliens built them, but rather passed down the knowledge and told our ancestors how to make them for themselves.

“This was given to us by extraterrestrials, just like the Ancient Egyptian texts are actually saying,” he said.

Though everyone can’t just walk into the Ancient Egyptian pyramids or protected burial sites to explore the ancient world for themselves, Tsoukalos said there are still plenty of places around the globe and even around your own neighborhood where you can hunt down extraterrestrial life.

“We have wonderful archaeological museums with collections from around the world,” he said, referring to places like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more. He suggested you may be able to see a few items that were likely influenced by ancient extraterrestrial visitors in museums right in your hometown.

But, if you’re really looking to cross the globe in search of alien evidence, Tsoukalos said both Egypt and Peru should be high on your list.

“Peru has so many things to offer in one place,” he said. “In Peru, you have the Nazca lines, you have Paracas Candelabra, you have Cusco and Machu Picchu, and Sacsayhuaman,” he said. “Peru definitely has a very big variety of ancient astronaut-related items.”

Tsoukalos also noted one more place on his international alien hunting list: Sardinia, Italy.

“I am leaving in exactly six days for my first megalithic exploration of Sardinia and, you know, I feel like a little school boy,” he said. “I consider myself very fortunate.”

You can learn much more about Tsoukalos’ worldwide adventures on the new season of Ancient Aliens, which premieres Friday, April 27 on the History Channel at 9 p.m. ET.