LA Is Celebrating 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' With 1959 Pricing — so You Can Eat a $0.99 Pastrami Sandwich and Get a $2 Blowout

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If you watch Amazon Studios' The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you might know Aug. 15 is "Maisel Day" across the greater Los Angeles area. To celebrate, a range of iconic establishments are offering goods and services at some marvelous prices — prices you'd find in the year 1959, to be precise.

Does a $2 manicure sound good? How about a fill-up on gas for $0.30 a gallon? You'll find all this and a lot more at 28 participating locations. Here's the scoop.

Emmy voting starts Thursday and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is up for 20 nominations — the most for any comedy series this year. In bringing back retro pricing to the city where a significant portion of voters are likely to be, we bet Amazon Studios hopes to provide a good reason for members to remember the show when they tick off their ballots. (This second season nomination blitz puts The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel second only to Game of Thrones for the most nominations for a program in any genre.) Luckily for the rest of us, it's not only members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) who can find these dollar deals.

Promotions are listed under Stylish!, Delicious! and Fun! categories that include a full face makeover for $2.50 at Blushington; a $0.75 shoe shine at The Grove Shine; $0.99 "Maisel" Pastrami sandwich at Canter's Deli; a $1.50 one-pound box of chocolates at See's Candies; a $0.30 Melburger and fries or milkshake or pie at Mel's Drive-In; and a $0.51 movie ticket at the Bay Theater. While all of these offers are amazing deals, the $2.50 "Mrs. Maisel" haircut at the Starring By Ted Gibson salon might provide the biggest bang for your buck. If you are lucky enough to get a haircut by the celebrity stylist himself (offered between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.), you'll get yourself an 800% discount. Haircuts by Ted Gibson typically cost $2,000. Five stylists, including Ted, will be onsite for the promotion.

"We've had tons and tons of emails and calls about this in the last few days," says Ted. "It's super exciting to be a part of this marketing promotion because Mrs. Maisel is such a hot show, and I do Rachel (Brosnahan) on a regular basis. For the haircut we are offering, it's not a haircut that Mrs. Maisel would have, we want to create a cut that matches each client's individual beauty."

Like this offer, most "Maisel Day" promotions are limited to one per person and are walk-in only. That means there will likely be long lines for the likes of the $40 one-night stays at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and The Sportsman's Lodge Hotel, or $1 admission to the Hollywood Improv shows. Multiple Drybar locations are offering a $2 "Mrs. Maisel-Inspired Look," that are to be booked in advance and likely sold out (several locations were booked solid as of press time).

This isn't the first Mrs. Maisel-themed promotion dreamed up by the team at Amazon Studios. Back in June, another genius marketing stunt with Postmates supplied customers with free Maisel-inspired lunches in New York City and Los Angeles, complete with a pastrami sandwich on rye and a black and white cookie. The current "Maisel Day" promotion runs Thursday, Aug. 15 only, at participating Los Angeles locations, all subject to availability. For more details, visit

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