You Can Rent This Entire Movie Theater for $150

Alamo Drafthouse wants you to have a safe trip to the movies.

Heading out to the movies with friends may feel like a distant memory. But it doesn’t have to be. At least, it doesn’t have to be if you’re willing to rent out an entire Alamo Drafthouse theater.

In August, the company announced its new “Your Own Private Alamo” program, which allows people to rent out an entire Alamo Drafthouse theater for just $150 for up to 30 people. There’s also a required minimum food purchase of $150 as well, but with 30 friends you’ll easily hit that price by digging into the theater’s famed pizzas, burgers, beers, and popcorn, all delivered right to your seat.

After renting the screening room, the host will be given a secret link. They can then send that link to up to 30 people, who can then sign up to join the showing and pick their seat anywhere in the theater. The entire space will be sanitized prior to arrival to help ensure everyone’s safety, and, since there are only 30 attendees there will be plenty of space to stretch out and stay socially distant.

The host will also get the chance to choose from more than 40 film options including family-friendly movies like "Despicable Me," "How to Train Your Dragon," and "Kung Fu Panda," as well as classics like "Casablanca," "Goonies," and the 1989 "Batman."

And, for those looking to level up on the movie party atmosphere, the theater explained on its website that it’s happy to help you decorate the space, bring in outside food, or set up for a larger event for an extra fee.

Right now, there are only two theaters available to rent, one in Austin, Texas., and the other in Denver, Colorado, but here’s hoping the trend catches on so we can all go out for a night at the movies again with all our friends again.

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