By Stacey Leasca
Updated July 14, 2020

Whether you’re stuck at home alone or trying to get work done while entertaining and educating little ones, Apple has your back.

The technology giant released its latest product, Today at Apple (at Home), to help us all find a little normalcy in the chaos. On the website, users will find how-tos, tips on using Apple products to their fullest, classes with creative experts, and more.

Essentially, the platform brings all of Apple’s in-store educational experiences online into short video sessions that are simple enough for everyone to understand. Apple’s creative experts from various retail stores explain each lesson in videos ranging from three to five minutes in length, meaning you can learn something new in no time.

The first session, “Draw Playful Portraits on iPad” is taught by Harriet, a retail expert from Apple’ Regent Street store in London. In the video, she shows you how to add doodles or color, and how to add your own handwriting onto any photo in your existing camera roll.

Getty Images

“This isn’t just for kids, so adults, get involved too,” she says. For the session, you’ll need an iPad, an Apple Pencil, or just use your finger.

Want to learn about photography? Take the short session to “Capture Striking Photography With iPhone” from a creative pro from Apple Orchard Road in Singapore. In the quick lesson, you’ll learn about angles and edits to up your mobile photography game. In the class, users will take photos of the architecture around them. All you need is a phone to participate.

And, for those looking to go even deeper into photography, there’s “Shoot Photos Full of Personality with iPhone” with Adrian, a creative pro from Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. In the session, Adrian will show you how to “dig into the Camera app on iPhone to capture your personality in self-portraits.” These skills, and the new ones to come, will not only help you pass the time now but will prove to be useful when you can finally get out in the world to create again later.