Acclaimed Interior Designer Tara Bernerd Shares 5 Super Simple Tips to Making Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

It's all about creating the right mood.

For nearly two decades, Tara Bernerd has helped some of the world's most rich and famous discover their personal interior design taste. As the head of Tara Bernerd & Partners, an interior design firm located in London, it's Bernerd's job to help her clients bring a sense of serenity to their surroundings. And now, she's doing that same job for the highly anticipated Thompson Hollywood.

Located on Wilcox Avenue, just north of Sunset Boulevard and near Hollywood & Vine, the hotel is the first California property for Tara Bernerd & Partners and the Thompson brand. As the hotel explains in a statement, the 11 floors, 190 guest rooms, lobby lounge and bar, and pool deck are "bold and confident, drawing upon a mixture of West Coast Modernism with a playful dash of old school Hollywood glamour whilst maintaining a contemporary and elegant approach," and it's all thanks to Bernerd's vision.

The lobby at Thompson Hollywood
Courtesy of Thompson Hollywood

"Thompson Hollywood is set to become the new go-to destination in the heart of Los Angeles. Through the interplay of industrial finishes with layers of rich texture, mid-century furniture, and a refined selection of artwork, we have sought to imbue a dynamic, bold, yet welcoming atmosphere into the design," Bernerd shared in the statement. "Every touchpoint of the design has been conceived for the discerning traveler and with a breezy, Angeleno lifestyle in mind."

And really, it's no surprise that Bernerd was tapped for a project of this magnitude, considering she's also designed spaces for Rosewood Hotel & Resorts, Four Seasons, Fort Partners, Harilela Hotels, and Equinox Hotels to name a few. She's also got another trick up her sleeve that makes her perfect for a project like the new Thompson Hotel: a deep love of travel.

Tara Bernerd's Hotel and Restaurant Design Spaces
Courtesy of Tara Bernerd @ Partners

"Travel informs everything we do, giving us insight into another culture, another way to live, another way to design, another solution to a problem," Bernerd shares with Travel + Leisure. "When commencing any project, we do of course research it extensively, drawing on this experience. From the location to the architecture of the property, to local design influences and ultimately to the guest, it's the people that bring the project to life."

When designing for a hotel, Bernerd says her ultimate goal is to stay true to the "character of the hotel and having a strong sense of direction, taking into account its location, architecture, brand, and ultimately the people that will stay," which all affect the DNA of the project. It's a design ethos, she notes, you can bring into your own home, too.

Tara Bernerd's Hotel and Restaurant Design Spaces
Courtesy of Tara Bernerd @ Partners

"We have found that many of our hotel clients are looking to embody that home-from-home feel, whilst conversely our residential clients are wishing to emulate the best aspects of hotel interiors in their homes, so the lines are continually blurring," she says.

According to Bernerd, you can get that hotel-at-home feeling with a few subtle updates that won't break the bank.

Pick the right textures

"Beyond the space planning, we always [emphasize] interesting furniture and texture," she says. "Seductive fabrics are really important, from anything such as a corduroy armchair to the details of contrasting piping."

Find good storage

"Bookcases or library walls always play a part. Few of us actually achieve a truly minimalist way of life, so good storage is key to ensuring that your living space is for living in," Bernerd explains. "A beautiful cupboard, or credenza, can help you store the less attractive, but essential items, then take time to enjoy curating your more treasured pieces or objet d'art and display them to best advantage."

Tara Bernerd's Hotel and Restaurant Design Spaces
Courtesy of Tara Bernerd @ Partners

Invest in a bar cart

"A home bar is another way to bring the feeling of the penthouse suite at a hotel to your own home. Whether you choose a contemporary designed unit that doubles as a credenza, or go fully retro with a 1950s/60s inspired drinks trolley," she adds.

Create the right lighting

"Part of the joy of designing a hotel is directing the way spaces change to suit the different time of day," Bernerd shares. "The sheer theatricality of the change from day to evening is something you can easily recreate at home. Choose your lighting so that it can be altered to suit the task or time of day. With many of us working from home, this gives the possibility of having a bright working environment during working hours, which can be transformed to a more relaxing evening mood at the end of the day."

Collect and display a few meaningful pieces of art

"I have always believed that art is that final layer to any project, like punctuation to an author," Bernerd says. "By grouping statement artworks in an entrance hall... you can bring an immediate attitude upon arrival at your home."

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