Shifting Sands Blakeney Harbour
Credit: Dave Porter/Getty Images

One hundred years ago, the SS Hjordis had some trouble delivering a shipment of coal and quickly ran aground near the entrance of Blakeney Harbor in Norfolk, England.

For an entire century the wreck has been sitting there. Now, the sand covering the ship has shifted, and you can find the shipwreck in the middle of the highly trafficked channel.

This is an issue for ships coming in and out of the area. As more sand is shifted away from the Hjordis, the risk of colliding with it becomes higher, according to the Eastern Daily Press.

Buouys have been placed around the area to warn ships, but keeping up with the tides and other changes to the harbor can be tough. For now—and who knows for how long before it's buried under sand again—you can see the ship poking out of the sand underwater.

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