A guide to pot tourism in Portland.

Portland Dispensaries
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A handful of states, including Oregon, have led the charge in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. And in the fall of 2015, the state began permitting recreational sales. Any adult 21 years of age or older traveling through the state of Oregon can purchase marijuana for recreational use at a registered and licensed dispensary. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the state has become a popular destination for a new wave of pot tourism.

In a society known for super-sizing, well, just about everything, Oregon is focusing on making conscientious decisions with regards to over-consumption.

"[Oregon is] revolutionizing the mentality of over-consumption,” Matt Taylor, the intake manager and financial liaison for a Portland dispensary named Farma, told Travel + Leisure. “You get more positive benefits from less."

Unlike other states such as Colorado, where the legal limit per package is 100 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 10 mg per serving, Oregon has taken steps to limit THC levels to 50 mg per package and 5 mg per serving. The smaller dose allows the user to more thoroughly enjoy the experience, without the risk of an uncomfortable and seemingly never-ending high.

Many Oregon dispensaries — and you can find plenty in Portland — are also favoring pot farms who produce using permaculture, which reduces their carbon footprint. “The more conscious they are of the environment,” Taylor said, “the better chances they have of getting their product onto our shelves."

Oregon has also put in place strict regulations, and requires thorough testing of cannabis before deeming it legal, in an attempt to limit the use of toxins and pesticides that are often ingested while smoking.

If you have plans to visit Oregon — and, more specifically, plans to take advantage of the state's green-friendly laws —consider checking out one of Portland's top dispensaries, or joining a vineyard-inspired cannabis tour.

Farma Dispensary Portland
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Portland Dispensaries

Travelers looking for a high-quality Portland dispensary have an overwhelming number of options.

Consider shopping at Farma, located in Southeast Portland, which is known for working with microbiologists and botanical scientists to breed and grow their own strains. Doctors host weekly staff seminars here, meaning you can get truly informed assistance from an employee before making any purchases.

The menu at Farma ranges from standard varietals of bud to edibles (sesame-harissa chocolate bars, cookies and cream ice cream), pre-rolled joints, and a THC-infused small batch ginger ale.

If you find yourself in Portland’s Pearl or Lloyd Districts, stop by Oregon's Finest, another popular grower-owned and operated dispensary. This recreational dispensary was the first to open in the city, and continues to focus on carrying high-quality products from small batch farms throughout the state.

Their wide-ranging menu has cartridges for vaporizers, beverages, tinctures, and topical treatments, among others.

Cannabis Tours

An abundance of cannabis-related tours, similar to winery and vineyard tours, are offered by different companies throughout the state. High 5 Tours offers a “Coffee and Cannabis” tour, which takes travelers to the area's top dispensaries, coffee-roasting facilities, and includes complimentary espresso con panna. Other tours may include stops at craft breweries and local grow houses.