People are helping Poly the Pit Bull visit places around the world via her Flat Poly website.

dying dog travels the world
Credit: Getty Images

Humans aren't the only ones with bucket lists. Poly—a pit bull with a heart condition and only months to live—is getting some help checking a few destinations off of her list from animal-loving strangers around the world. The pit bull was found on a park bench last October and was taken in at rescue center before her illness was discovered. Although Poly spends her days napping and relaxing due to breathing difficulty related to her heart issue, her rescuers wanted to help Poly see the world despite her condition. The incredibly adorable passion project manifested into website called Flat Poly, which encourages travelers to print out and photograph a cut-out of Poly in destinations around the world using the hashtag #FlatPoly.

So far, the pup has been spotted at L.A.'s iconic Hollywood sign, the canals of Venice, Cologne Cathedral in Germany, on a plane headed to Great Britain, and many other bucket list-worthy destinations. Check out a few shots from Poly's travels below:

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