Scenic photo of London
Credit: Getty Images

Every neighborhood is distinct, special, and pure art. And this new map is ready to prove just how unique your own little corner of the world — or beloved city — really is.

The team of designers and developers at Satellite Studio created and launched OpenStreetMap Haiku, a system that generates a personalized haiku for every neighborhood on earth using all the data gathered by OpenStreetMap.

“Here's what's happening: we automated making haikus about places,” the team explained in a blog post. “Looking at every aspect of the surroundings of a point, we can generate a poem about any place in the world. The result is sometimes fun, often weird, most of the time pretty terrible. Also probably horrifying for haiku purists (sorry).”

According to the designers, the project was inspired by Naho Matsuda and her work, Every Thing Every Time. Her work, the designers explained, is a series of "impractical poetry" created by data and sensors across the city.

“We've always been totally fascinated by the project, which at the time seemed a refreshing take, slightly impertinent, on the whole smart cities’ schtick,” the team said of their inspiration and why they wanted to create a global version using their data.

For their map, the team uses data points like supermarkets, shops, local air quality, weather, time of day, and more to create poems about cities all over the world.

Like London:

Wet to the bone

Looking at you from the 4th floor

Is it too early for a beer?

Or Los Angeles:

Lost in the city

Life in Los Angeles County

Good Morning.

Or New York City:

A greasy smell

Looking at you from the 29th floor

Going to work.

Want to try it out for yourself? Just find your point on the map, or click “locate me” on the bottom lefthand corner to find your personalized poem right now.