The $59.99 classic game console is only available in limited quantities.

By Raisa Bruner
November 11, 2016
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Nintendo Classic.
Credit: Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo is banking big on nostalgia in its latest release: a limited-quantity Nintendo Entertainment Systems Classic Edition, Priced at a reasonable $59.99, the game console comes pre-loaded with 30 games for that perfect walk down the video game version of memory lane. (It's a remake of a 1985 version.)

The console is about palm-sized. Every detail is 1980s tech-design incarnate, with retro controllers to match. As for those games, true classics like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. are now at your fingertips in all of their pixelated, old-school glory.

For serious gamers who grew up with Nintendo, the NES Classic is a covetable item, which means that it's already selling out fast. Nintendo says it's available at Best Buy, Toys 'R' Us, Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart, but it's already out of stock at most of those sites, although some units may still be available in-store. Keep an eye out for a resupply. In the meantime, see if that kid you grew up snagged one, and look forward to reliving your youth in the basement of your childhood home over Thanksgiving.