Experience the Lowline at an innovation lab.

By Samantha Shankman
October 13, 2015
Kibum Park/Raad Designs

For those of you who have walked New York's High Line park more times than you care to admit—we have good news.

Architects, designers, and community leaders are working to create a new urban oasis, though this time it's built using infrastructure from a subterranean train. If actually built, The Lowline will convert an abandoned underground trolley station into an park deep below the Lower East Side.

The idea of strolling through a subterannean oasis sounds futuristic—and fantastic—but the concept has not been approved, and in fact It's unclear whether the park will ever become a reality. So in an effort to show off the potential of such a space, the Lowline is opening a Technology and Landscape lab this Saturday, October 17, in the former Essex Street Market at 140 Essex Street.

Kibum Park/Raad Designs

There guests can get a feel of what the actual park would be like and learn about the design and scientific innovations needed to make it possible. (Example: the technology needed to grow plants underground.) The Lab is open to the public and free on Saturdays and Sundays between noon and 6 p.m., through March 2016.