By Jo Piazza / Yahoo
November 20, 2015
EB6668 CA02431-00...CALIFORNIA - Stormy day along the Big Sur Coast from the Pacific Coast Trail in Garrapata State Park.
Credit: © Spring Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Black Friday is historically a day of pushing and shoving and haggling. It’s called “black,” for a reason. All of that scrambling for stuff makes our souls just a little bit darker.

What if you got a breath of fresh air instead? That’s what one anonymous philanthropist is hoping you will do. An unidentified donor has given $50,000 to help keep California’s state parks open and free on the biggest shopping day of the year.

The donation was made to the Save the Redwoods League to cover the funds needed to make park access free.

“We are starting a new tradition for Black Friday,” Save the Redwoods League president Sam Hodder told NBC Bay Area. “We invite everyone to experience the moments of joy, renewal and inspiration that you’ll find among our natural wonders, the ancient giant redwoods.”

You can go to the Save the Redwoods website to print out a free parks day pass.

These are some of the participating parks:

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