This Celeb-loved Company Is Making the One Gift Your Food, Music, and Travel–loving Dad Doesn't Already Have

A unique gift combination with a commitment to sustainability: it's a win-win.

Taylor guitar made of koa wood
Photo: Courtesy of Taylor Guitars

Cooking and music have a long history of companionship; from the bistros of Paris filled with quartet music, to the punk rock blasted in Anthony Bourdain's NYC kitchens, to Kelis' incredible concept album about food titled… "Food." And now there's another connection that also highlights two incredible gifts for this Father's Day: one company making acoustic guitars and cutting boards from the same wood.

Taylor Guitars is of the most coveted and revered acoustic guitar manufacturers in the industry, played by musicians of every genre including Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews, and Shawn Mendes. It's known for its full-body sound and low action, two things that matter whether you're casually playing around the house or to a crowd of 15,000 at the Hollywood Bowl.

Taylor also has a commitment to sustainability, partnering with a Hawaiian wood supplier to plant nearly 150,000 native koa and other trees this decade to supply all the wood for their Koa guitars. Of those, the GS Mini-e Koa Plus is an incredible gift for dad: it's unlike any guitar he may already have in his arsenal, and is also perfect for an entry-level strummer.

The compact size is perfect to play anywhere and packs the volume, whether plugged in or not, to fill a room with melody. Plus, the koa wood is so distinct and beautiful, it will sound and look like a guitar far beyond its reasonable price tag.

Stella Falone koa wood cutting board
Courtesy of Stella Falone

Speaking of sustainable wood, Taylor built off the success of this initiative to launch Stella Falone, a cutting board company using the leftover West African ebony wood that goes into their guitars to bring attractive and chef-quality boards to your kitchen. Ranging in size from "keep on your counter at all times" to charcuterie paddles, the boards are solid and have a unique non-slip base to keep them in place.

Despite their sturdiness, the soft ebony wood will keep your knives sharp and help you prep for the cookout, the family dinner, and even the team dinner you agreed to cater for. This dad has been using one for a few weeks and it has replaced my Boos Block as my go-to board, while bringing a premium look to my kitchen island that matches my newest axe.

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